Flying an RC Plane!

Dec 28

When I started writing the blog, RC Planes for Beginners, I wanted it to follow my experiences as I learnt how to fly RC planes. It was meant also for others who wanted to learn aeromodeling and looked around for information on the internet. 

It has been a while since I wrote any posts on this blog, and my apologies for that. Just been tied up with other things. However, I have been doing some amount of flying and just wanted to share a short video of one of our flights! The person flying the model aircraft is an expert aeromodeller and hence the “low flights”!

This particular RC plane is for beginners, and is a glider, model names Sentosa. We built this from scratch using plans that we bought. The plane is made completely out of balsa wood. It has crashed multiple times since this video was taken, and has been fixed as many times. It looks more like a wooden patch-work now, but still flies great! If you’re looking for a RC plane for beginners, this is the kind of RC plane that you should be looking for.




I hope to keep RC Planes for Beginners updated more regularly. If you want to read about something in particular, please do let me know, and I will gladly add a post about that. Thanks for reading, and wish everyone a Happy New Year!


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